INTERREG V Collaborative Project

A consortium of 6 partners has been awarded a European INTERREG V funding project in order to develop the EASY-PHI Open Hardware standard through the European INTERREG V joint program between France and Switzerland. The project is financed through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) - grant amounting to 424'507 euros - and by the Interreg Swiss federal funds - grant amounting to 199'929 CHF.


Members of the consortium are active both from the academic as well as the industrial perspective.

As a founder of the EASY-PHI concept, Geneva University is in charge of coordinating EASY-PHI standard evolutions through the management of contributions obtained from external partners (

Université de Genève

PLS Fluid Dynamics is an SME working on the mechanical and thermal simulations of the EASY-PHI rack and the co-integration of its embedded electronic cards. (

MIND as a french public group is a collaborative development platform dedicated to microelectronics proof of concept development (

HEIG-VD through its REDS (Reconfigurable and Embedded Digital Systems) group is developing the EASY-PHI DevBoard that will be open to any external developer (

USMB Université Savoie Mont-Blanc is exploiting the EASY-PHI standard format through the development of electronic cards dedicated to medical applications and for the acquisition of signals coming from scintillators. (

ID QUANTIQUE as an industrial partner is promoting the dissemination of EASY-PHI standard for scientific instrumentation. (